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About us


           Welcome to our website. I am really happy that you have decided to visit us and I can assure you that you will always be  warm-welcomed guests. I would love to introduce my team of sales experts, with whom you will meet in our new location.

Urszula Sodo

Urszula Sodo Urszula Sodo – the agency owner.

     I am a graduate of Pre-school Education College (a part of Pedagogical Schools Complex) in Wrocław and a graduate of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Silesia in Katowice.

     I took my first steps in the insurance business in the biggest at that time multiagency in Silesia – Konzeption II located in Tychy. My teacher was an exceptional manager and man – Piotr Kropidłowski. It was the year 1995.  In 1996 I obtained the agent license no 29239/96. I cooperated with Konzeption II until 2000 offering at that time life insurance policies in Commercial Union. I also worked as a manager in Signal Iduna.
     My professional experience in the insurance business embraces over 16 years of working with almost always highly demanding Clients, for whom the most important things were thorough knowledge, professionalism of the agent, their enthusiasm and – most of all – honesty.
     A few years of working in a kindergarten and elementary school gave me the opportunity to develop my patience, understanding and –the most importantly – ability to listen to people, which turned out to be very useful in my work as an insurance agent.

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Anna Cichoń

Anna320Anna Cichoń – sales expert

     I am a graduate of Economics with fondness for travelling and Polish literature.           

     I have been working in the insurance business for 4 years, I completed 152 hours of training as well as all the trainings in the insurance companies we cooperate with. At work I am precise and reliable.

     I believe writings by Edward Redliński to be unique and exceptional. I also like Irish literature, e.g. books by Robert McLiam Wilson.

     I enjoy spending my free time with my family, we all like resting actively, especially while sightseeing different parts of Poland, no matter what the weather is like. We spend quite a lot of time away from the city rush ad noise, in the countryside with our pets: two dogs and a cat. We are very keen on working in our orchard and the garden. What I especially love doing is picking mushroom.

My achievements

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Piotr Sodo

PiotrPiotr Sodo – sales expert
     I am a graduate of Oskar Lange Academy of Economics in Wrocław, faculty of Finance, Banking and Insurance. I have been working in the insurance business since 2001 when I passed the national  exam and obtained PUNU license. I prepared the first insurance offers when I was only 19 years old. On my third year at Academy I started to spend all my holidays on “The Green Island” – Ireland – to work and at the same time, improve my English.

     For the past six years I have been temporarily living and working in Dublin, in a company administrating a big establishment which has the key importance for the traffic in the city. The 4-day working system: 4 days-4 days off- 4 nights – 4 nights off  allows me to work online for our family business. Thanks to that I am still present on the insurance market and follow the latest trends on the market.

     My hobby is travelling on my motorbike and my last adventure took place in May, it was a trip on my Honda VFR 800 from Ireland to Poland. However, my biggest treasure is my family and my daughter Nikola.


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Grzegorz Sodo

Grzegorz320 Grzegorz Sodo – sales expert

     I am a graduate of Electronic Technical High School in Sosnowiec as well as a student of Academy of Economics in Katowice at the Faculty of Finance and Accountancy. At the same time I started to work in our family company as a sales expert.

     In 2011 I passed FCE Cambridge exam on English, completed a 152 hours long training and passed an exam on it as well as a 48 hours long trainings in all the nine Insurance Companies we cooperate with.

     I’m interested in all the technical news, especially connected with motor vehicles, I read a lot on this topic. Motorbikes have always been my passion and my greatest treasure is Suzuki GSX-R 1000 and riding on it is pure pleasure.

My achievements:

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Anna Dyrbuś

Ania320 Anna Dyrbuś – sales expert

       I graduated from grammar school in Rybnik, on the French-speaking Faculty, currently I am a third year student of Management of Hospitality at the Academy of Physical Education. I have been related to tourism business for many years now, I have worked, among others, in hotels in Łeba and Jastrzębia Góra.

      I have two younger brothers who taught me to be patient. Since I have never been interested in doing nothing, I also do a share of work in a company where I help with book-keeping. Insurances constitute an important part of tourism business, therefore as an ambitious and curious person I decided to start working as an insurance agent.

My interests: travelling, skiing, football, culture of Muslim countries.

My achievements:


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